"Everyone must be allowed to love truly, to love whomever they want, and in any way they want." said Dominika Kulczyk on her Instagram. Poland's richest woman joined the ongoing debate on LGBT rights, which started after Law and Justice MP Jacek Żalek said in one of his interviews that "LGBT are not people, but an ideology".
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Yesterday, Dominika Kulczyk posted a photo on her Instagram profile of two kissing women, taken by Helmut Newton in 1975, with an accompanying message in Polish and English: “It is time for a tender revolution. For truth in love. Everyone MUST be allowed to love truly, to love whomever they want and in any way they want, because without the truth there is no love.

Love is the truth

There is no question that her post is related to Żalak’s comments. She has also used #LGBTarepeople [ed. exact translation]. Most of the comments under Dominika’s post are positive and her declaration is welcome, with some saying “Everyone has a right to love and others don’t have a say in it” or “Let’s not judge, but support and accept”. However, there are also critical voices, saying “No to deviation in normal Poland” or “my opinion is that LGBT is not normal”.

Żalek was removed from the TVN show after his comments.  

The debate about Poland’s LGBT community started on Thursday when Law and Justice MEP Joachim Brudzinski, Head of Andrzej Duda’s presidential campaign, posted a tweet saying, “Poland is the most beautiful without LGBT”.

Jacek Żalek commented on this post on Friday while being interviewed by Katarzyna Kolenda-Zaleska on the TVN’s Facts after Facts show, saying that he “understands that this debate is about ideology”.

When the journalist stated that the LGBT community is made up of people, including gay people, he replied: “No they are not people, LGBT is an ideology”. She continued the argument, saying “No sir. These are people. There are limits on this programme and I would like to thank you for the conversation.” In response, Żalek continued “You suggest that if there was no LGBT community, there would be no homosexuals. Can you wake up? I understand that it is a hot topic, but homosexuals have been around for centuries”. After these words he was removed from the show.

Andrzej Duda on Żalek and LGBT in Opole

President Andrzej Duda referred to the debate with MP Żalek on the following Saturday: “An MP was removed from a TV programme because he said that LGBT is an ideology. He simply called it an ideology. We are being convinced that they are people, when it’s simply an ideology. If anyone has any doubts whether this is an ideology or not, let them look at the pages of history and see how the LGBT movement was built. The best proof that LGBT is an ideology is that some people who have homosexual preferences do not identify with this movement and do not identify with this ideology. They have their preferences”.

Przemysław Czarnek, Law and Justice MP and a member of Andrzej Duda's electoral team, crossed all boundaries when commenting on the LGBT community on national TV: “These people are not equal to normal people. Let's stop listening to those idiots who talk about about some human rights or some equality,” he said.

According to Gazeta Wyborcza journalist Dominika Wielowieyska, Law and Justice wants the presidential campaign to revolve around issues such as the rights of the LGBT community. In this way, the party is trying to mobilize its conservative, church-going electoral base.

Dominika Kulczyk is Poland’s richest woman and is deeply engaged in social issues. Born in Poznan, the daughter of Jan and Grażyna Kulczyk, she regularly engages with and supports social campaigns, and is the head of the Kulczyk Foundation, which leads aid projects in developing countries.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Dominika Kulczyk donated PLN 20 million towards PPE, including 57 tons of masks, suits, goggles and face visors for Polish hospitals.

“Tenderness and freedom. Let's build balanced relationships” is a campaign run by Kulczyk Foundation along with “Wysokie Obcasy” and “Gazeta Wyborcza Foundation”.

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