We are continuously seeking to understand what is happening to our world, and we end up spreading our arms helplessly. One thing is certain, after the pandemic we will wake up in a different reality.
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As Olga Tokarczuk said: "Something is testing us. Nature, God, something abstract, a chance says: I’m checking!”.

History is happening, the world’s DNA is changing. The pandemic is our test - a test of our human life, our character and dignity.

There is no place for half-measure and dullness here. On this occasion, we will learn a lot about ourselves and the world we live in. May this lesson, even if curved and at point dramatic, be especially useful to us and teach us humility. That we can live more, better and deeper. Ne more human. That we can live slower. Calmly, we can be together, with mindfulness with yourself, family and loved ones. Be right here, right now. Not postponing everything for ever.

I believe that we are good at heart and that we need each other and are connected with each other. I do not believe that people want a world built on fear and separation.

In reality, we are longing for something else. We need more tenderness for what is inside and around us. Freedom from what we no longer want, and ability to choose what is true within us.

Excessive ego, a desire to be the most important and invincible is just illusion of strength. The pandemic has exposed it. The ego ended itself, fell under its weight.

Today, each of us can look within, and change. All of this to add more tenderness to our relationships, and thus add tenderness to the whole world. We need closeness and connectivity. The essence of being human is sensitivity and empathy, and the courage to admit to it to it, gives us real strength.

For some reason, the world decided to serve itself, and us, a revolution. It obviously wants to be different. If we won’t take the advantage of this opportunity now, then when? Finally, it is time for a new, more feminine version of the world. Patriarchate and macho culture are beginning to fade away into the past. We have to do our homework. More tenderness and freedom - they start in our homes, families and relationships.

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