After a year marked by continued attempts to silence our journalists and a massive increase in the price of energy and paper, in the last days of December, the number of Wyborcza's digital subscriptions surpassed 300,000! An extraordinary achievement only a few other news outlets in the EU can be proud of -Wojciech Bartkowiak, the publisher of Gazeta Wyborcza, writes in his New Year editorial.
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The coronavirus pandemic, a violent mob storming the U.S. Capitol, dramatic scenes on the Poland-Belarus border... things couldn’t possibly get any worse than that, we thought 12 months ago. Oh, how wrong we were.

The year 2022 brought us a war in Ukraine, an energy crisis, skyrocketing inflation, and the Polish government’s extraordinary, blunt persistence in derailing democracy in our country. This time, with the bar set much higher, things really cannot get any worse, can they?

Experience dictates restraint in making such general predictions, but on the other hand: how long can this go on? We have a war crisis, a crisis of democracy, an economic crisis, a climate crisis, a migration crisis, a crisis in the judicial system, a crisis of education, of the family, a midlife crisis...

And perhaps precisely because it’s getting harder and harder to carry on like that, at the beginning of 2023, the word "hope" is on the lips of everyone around us. Hope that all these damn crises - or at least some of them - will finally fall into crisis themselves.

However, as we know all too well, hope can sometimes be mind-bogglingly treacherous. It is not enough to just "hope" that things will magically fix themselves – they need to be actively helped. We can do this in a variety of different ways: by saving (e.g. the environment), helping (e.g. refugees), or voting (for politicians guided by democratic standards). Without our active involvement, hope will remain dead. Therefore, let's wish that in this new year ahead we will never run out of energy and faith to support change. That we won’t succumb to the fatalism of recent years and instead put our shoulder to the wheel of a better reality we so eagerly long for...

Of course, it's hard to uphold this energy when there’s no light at the end of the tunnel or allies to rely on. But it seems that Poland is entering 2023 with a bright star shining on the horizon. Now, will this star be swallowed by a black hole or shine out like the sun? It all depends on the cooperation of democratically-minded politicians and our own commitment.

Wyborcza reaches over 300.000 digital subscribers

For Gazeta Wyborcza, the last year has also been rather tough – furious SLAPP attacks by the authorities and their lawyers (paid for with public money). And on top of that, a massive increase in the price of energy and paper. Every day, however, we feel the support of our allies - that is, you, our dear readers. In the last days of December, the number of Wyborcza’s digital subscriptions surpassed 300,000. This is an extraordinary achievement – only a few other news outlets in the European Union can brag about such numbers. We thank you for your confidence and promise to continue doing everything in our power to make our mutual hopes come true. Have a great year ahead!

And remember: the newspaper will not read itself ; )

Wojciech Bartkowiak

publishing director of „Gazeta Wyborcza"


Every day, 400 journalists at Gazeta Wyborcza write verified, fact-checked stories about Polish politics and society, keeping a critical eye on the ruling camp’s persistent assault on democratic values and the rule of law; the growing cultural tension between religious fundamentalism and human rights; and the ongoing Russian invasion in Ukraine. Our journalists are on the front lines in 32 Polish cities, reporting from the streets, hospitals, and courtrooms about issues that move public opinion.

We decided to make our service available to everyone free of charge in order to provide access to high quality journalism for expats and English speakers interested in Polish affairs.

The access to information should be equal for all.

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    I guess, I am not a representative example of those 300 thousand subscribers, but being fed up with the one-sided, heavily biased and full of propaganda contents of Gazeta Wyborcza, this year I will be ending my electronic subscription to this newspaper. At the moment I do not see any hope for improvement of the quality, as the current directions and trends only deepen, get stronger and more emphasized, so although I read Wyborcza from its issue # 1, I will be responsible for a slight drop in that very high number of subscribers that Wojciech Bartkowiak is so proud of.
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