"If we had absolute certainty that the funds would be unblocked once and for all without any risk of EU backtracking, we would consider undertaking some steps to resolve the conflict. We draw the line, however, at the conformity of any solution with our Constitution" - Jarosław Kaczyński, the leader of Law and Justice, told the Polish Press Agency PAP in a recent interview.
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In an interview with the Polish state press agency PAP published on Tuesday, Jarosław Kaczyński revealed the current official line of the Polish ruling camp regarding the continuing stalemate over the blocked EU funds allocated for Poland. According to Kaczyński, the Polish government is doing everything in its power to ensure that Poland receives the funds. The problem, in his view, is the European Commission, which he accuses of negotiating in bad faith.

The leader of Law and Justice sees Brussels as being interested exclusively in "helping the radical opposition to win, to get the optimal - from the point of view of Germany, above all else - electoral result in the parliamentary elections slated for the autumn of 2023. "The Civic Platform [editor’s note: the party of former PM and former head of the European Council Donald Tusk] is a German party. I keep insisting on that", Kaczyński asserted.

He continued his assault on the EU institutions by claiming that the principle of "might is right" is the organizing principle of the EU in its current form, and that at some point "it will lead to some kind of severe crisis, if not even tragedy. The sleep of reason produces monsters".

Kaczyński admitted that the government continues to hold negotiation talks with the European Commission. He also added that if the Polish authorities "were certain that the funds would be unblocked, "we would consider undertaking some steps [ed. that would help to resolve the conflict with EU institutions], we draw the line, however, at their conformity with our Constitution".

While according to the leader of the Law and Justice "the money from the European Union would certainly be useful in the government’s efforts to sustain Poland's rapid development", Poland is capable of thriving without them. In Kaczyński’s words, the impact of EU funds on the economic development of Poland should not be overstated, as they are responsible for only a "small fraction" of the country's current economic success.

Kaczyński was also asked about the collapse of the PiS-led regional government coalition in Silesia, Poland’s second largest region. For the Law and Justice leader "it was a deeply unpleasant surprise" which brought additional urgency to the fact that the party must be "more careful when selecting people to be appointed for" important political and administrative posts. He also promised that PiS will be more vigilant in order to avoid similar mistakes in the future through a much more thorough screening and vetting process to "identify any suspicious connections" to forces hostile to the ruling camp.

At the same time, Kaczyński was adamant that his party was not in danger of seeing its parliamentary coalition collapse and suffer the loss of its governing majority in Sejm, the lower chamber of the Polish parliament. For the PiS chairman, such scenario is nothing more than "a deluded dream of the opposition" and underscored that the ruling camp will continue to support the Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro, who leads a group of some dozen of the most hard right and eurosceptic MPs belonging to the ruling coalition and is perceived by many as the main obstacle to any agreement with Brussels. Kaczyński argued that "it would be extremely irrational to build a minority government; this would basically be the worst path to take today".

He was more cautious about the risk of facing a loss similar to the one in Silesia in other regions governed by PiS-led coalitions. In his view, such setbacks can happen given "the onslaught of anti-government propaganda" that the ruling camp "is facing at the moment".

According to Kaczyński, Germany's offer to bolster Poland’s air and missile defense system by supplying it with additional Patriot batteries is "certainly interesting". However, he argues that it would be better if Germans gave the equipment to the Ukrainian army, trained it, and made sure that the batteries are deployed in western Ukraine. -This would probably allow us to shoot down enemy missiles more effectively than with the S-300- he said, adding that this solution would be "optimal" and signal that "Germany’s intention is not mere propaganda, but a serious change of attitude".\


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