In a radio interview on Saturday, Minister of Justice and Prosecutor General Zbigniew Ziobro linked the blocking of Poland's National Recovery and Resilience Plan to his party's claims for war reparations from Germany. He also brutally attacked the opposition, accusing it of being a German fifth column.
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- I am surprised that the Polish government made concessions [on the rule of law issue] for two years. Behind the beautiful slogans about the rule of law was Berlin’s brutal political agenda aimed at changing the government here to one that will be more compliant. One that will not demand war reparations from Germany, one that will acquiesce to Germany's hegemony in Europe, one that will acquiesce to Germany building a new European state, where there will be no place for a sovereign Polish state. This is something the United Right coalition government will never agree to- Ziobro said.

He attacked the chairman of the oppositional Civic Platform. - Donald Tusk is their representative. Donald Tusk was generously rewarded by Mrs. Merkel, he made a lot of money. The Germans are playing a game to put Donald Tusk back in charge in Poland because they want to have a government that will pursue their goals, a colonial government, and that is why they are blocking our National Recovery and Resilience Plan- Ziobro declared in an interview with Krzysztof Ziemiec on Saturday morning. 

His tirade was an answer to the radio host’s question about the NRP: "What will happen to the money (35 billion euro) that Poland is supposed to get from the EU, and which it is not getting because the government and Ziobro's department are not fulfilling the EU's requirements regarding fixing Poland’s rule of law issues?".  Ziemiec, inquiring about the NRP funds, recalled that "Tusk is not in charge right now and Brussels is talking to the current government".

- So when will we see the money? - Ziemiec asked. Ziobro: - We’ll get the money once Poland pursues an assertive policy that hits their [Germany's] interests, until it no longer pays off to block the funds.

Ziemiec: - What's next? We have a year until the elections, and if we don't get this money, you will lose it...

Ziobro: - I wouldn't be such a pessimist. This money is used precisely to influence the outcome of the elections in Poland, it is a cynical and instrumental game on the part of the European Union, but Poles are not geese and have their own minds.

During the interview, Ziobro repeatedly criticized the Prime Minister, with whom he is in conflict, and who agreed to meet the conditions for restoring Poland’s rule of law. - I said from the beginning that we won’t see this money. That's why I told Prime Minister Morawiecki in July 2020 not to agree to the conditions imposed by the German presidency, because it was a well-thought-out-trick on their end- Ziobro said, and in brutal words accused the opposition of treason: - All this is happening with the support of the opposition, the Civic Platform, a fifth column that acts in Germany's interest. The Germans have a vested interest in putting them in charge here, and the opposition has a vested interest in collaborating with Germany to overturn the democratically elected government in Poland- the minister of justice and prosecutor general said.

In the online-only part of the conversation, Ziemiec asked Ziobro about, among other things, the "tractor scandal", i.e. the lavish wedding of Norbert Kaczmarczyk, Ziobro's party MP and deputy minister of agriculture. The wedding gift for the young couple was a tractor worth PLN 1.5 million. Ziobro commented that it was a "non-scandal". He said that "some people like to spend their money on tractors and others on expensive cars (...) some people throw lavish weddings and others go on expensive holidays". He stated that his MP comes from a traditional multi-generational family that has earned everything through hard work.


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