On Monday, a group of aggressive masked men tried to intimidate environmental activists protesting excessive logging in the Borecka primeval forest in north-eastern Poland.
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A group of environmental activists decided to block logging equipment and vehicles in the Borecka Primeval Forest (Puszcza Borecka) located about 20 km from Giżycko- a popular vacation spot in the Masurian Lake District.  

The activists believe that the logging is too extensive and contributes to the destruction of a unique natural ecosystem.

The woodcutting is carried out by private timber companies on behalf of the local forestry management. Environmentalists identifying as members of the "Wild Resistance Movement" (Dziki Ruch Oporu) decided to take matters into their own hands, and on Monday, blocked two vehicles used to cut and haul away trees. They also set up a camp, including hanging tree tents.

"We do not consent to further devastation! We demand all logging in naturally valuable forests be stopped immediately and real action is taken to protect them! Forests all over Poland are being cut down en masse, including during bird hatching season. The last natural old-growth forests, which are home to endangered species of animals, plants, and fungi, are being destroyed. The future of billions of lives, including ours, is decided by a handful of greedy and power-hungry people! Cutting down old-growth forests is ecocide!" – the activists wrote in their statement posted online.

Also on Monday, there were two police interventions. - We received a report that activists were obstructing forestry work. A patrol unit arrived at the site, but did not conduct any activities- says Iwona Chruścińska, spokeswoman for the Giżycko police.

Footage recorded by the protesters shows a police officer holding a rope belonging to one of the activists but later abandoning his actions.

Masked thugs attack activists, then drive off

Another intervention took place in the evening, and by then the police had already been called by the activists themselves. - They informed us that their camp had been invaded by a group of people in balaclavas- Ms. Chruścińska confirms. - When the patrol unit arrived at the site, the attackers were already gone.

The activists were supposed to appear at the police station and present evidence, but so far they have not filed a report.

A video posted online shows a group of masked men first trying to pull a protester from a tree, and then running away from the activists.

Eventually, however, the environmental activists decided that the threat was too big and decided to end their protest action.


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