Just as it once did in Argentina, the pendulum has now swung in our country, too - the debate about abortion has ceased to be an ideological issue and has become a discussion about laws regulating access to medical services. The world is changing.
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The "Legal Abortion Without Compromise" bill was rejected in the Sejm last Thursday in the first reading, i.e. without being referred to a committee, by the votes of PiS, Konfederacja and PSL. The Polish People's Party (PSL) has thus joined the coalition of lunatics who pursue their political goals by sending anti-terrorists to beat up women in the street and by throwing civil projects into the bin.

I am all the more pleased that the Civic Coalition did not make the mistake of 2018, when it made a dodge on the "Save the Women" project by not allowing it to reach second reading. Today, apart from a few cowardly exceptions, such as Paweł Kowal, an MP from PiS rather than KO, who pretended to be absent from the Chamber, they have behaved in an exemplary manner.

The Civic Coalition was in favour of a ban on abortion until 2021 and now supports legal abortion until the 12th week, which was confirmed by Donald Tusk a few days before the vote. No wonder, since this is the expectation of the voters. 88% of KO electorate is in favour of legal abortion, as well as almost 83% of voters of Szymon Holownia's Poland 2050, 52% of PSL voters, but also over 30% of PiS voters and almost half of Confederation voters.

We are going down the same road as the Argentinians when they finally won the right to legal abortion two years ago. Just as it once did in Argentina, the pendulum has now swung in our country - the debate about abortion has ceased to be an ideological issue and has become a discussion about laws regulating access to medical services. Because that is precisely what abortion is. The support of politicians for abortion is no longer conditional, shameful. Today it is open support. The world is changing.

For me, it is obvious, after all we have facts, science, international obligations, UN recommendations, European Parliament resolutions on our side.

Yes, it is still terrible in Poland today. We have a total ban on abortion, and apart from Malta, nowhere else in Europe is such radicalism and madness to be found. But you can see clearly now - despite appearances, supporters of women's hell are on the defensive: 66 % of Poles are in favour of legal abortion, so politicians will see us in Wiejska Street again.

We will win, and in the meantime, I assure all of you, especially the daughters, sisters, first, second, third and fourth wives of the MPs of the Law and Justice party, the Confederation and the PSL, as well as their mistresses, that you will still be able to get an abortion in Poland. There are people and organisations that will not leave you without help, like Abortion Without Borders. Do not worry


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