Following his dismissal by Prime Minister Morawiecki on Tuesday, deputy PM Jarosław Gowin announced his party is officially leaving the ruling right-wing coalition. The rupture is throwing the parliamentary majority of Poland's national-conservative government into question ahead of a key vote on a controversial media bill.
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– Today, we will decide what to do next. We have already prepared a resolution allowing us to leave the ruling coalition and the Law and Justice parliamentary club. We will vote on it as soon as possible- this is how Jarosław Gowin, the deputy PM and leader of the junior coalition party Agreement, reacted to Prime Minister Morawiecki’s decision to dismiss him.

This morning, the break-up of Poland’s United Right coalition became a fact. - By the decision of the National Board, the Agreement party is leaving the United Right coalition. Our MPs will leave the Law and Justice parliamentary club and form a club led by Jarosław Gowin - Jan Strzeżek, the party’s vice-chairman and member of the National Board wrote on Twitter.

Government spokesman Piotr Müller announced the Prime Minister's decision on Tuesday shortly after 6:00 p.m. – The actions of Deputy Prime Minister Gowin undermine the public’s confidence in the government- Mr Müller said. He recalled that while the Deputy PM accepted the "Polish Deal" (the ruling camp’s flagship economic program) when it was first announced, today he is speaking out against its provisions on taxes. He also accused the leader of the Agreement party of poor performance regarding new regulations meant to be introduced as a part of the program. Gowin replied that it was in fact PiS that made the decision to dismantle the United Right coalition. - After seven years of cooperation, after six years of joint governance, we were pushed out of the ruling coalition because we stayed true to the values of the United Right - he said.

Among other things, Gowin opposes raising the health insurance premium to 9% of income while not making it tax deductible.

On Monday, Gowin was a guest on the Polsat News television channel. He said that "what the Ministry of Finance proposes is an extremely socialist solution. Raising taxes by 50% is a purely socialist idea".

The former Deputy PM learned about his dismissal from the media. Nobody reached out to him personally about the decision. - Deputy Minister Anna Kornecka at least received a call from Mr Kubów, but nobody had the courage to break the news to Mr Gowin - says a member of the Agreement party.

Krzysztof Kubów is the head of the Prime Minister's Political Office. Anna Kornecka, in turn, is Mr Gowin’s a trusted ally, who was dismissed by the Prime Minister last week for criticizing the "Polish Deal". Gowin left her in the Ministry of Economic Development and appointed her plenipotentiary for investment and the environmental policy part of the "Polish Deal". Ms Kornecka's new role led to an ultimatum from PiS. Agreement’s board announced that it would not support tax changes, changes to local government funding, or the controversial new media law if PiS did not accept its demands. "These are our conditions for staying in the United Right coalition" -Magdalena Sroka, a spokeswoman for the Agreement party, wrote on Twitter.

Deputy Ministers are stepping down   

Several members of the Agreement party have already announced their decision to step down as Deputy Ministers. Among them is Marcin Ociepa, responsible for National Defense. Iwona Michałek and Andrzej Gut-Mostowy, Deputy Ministers of Economic Development, Labor, and Technology, also announced their resignation.

Grzegorz Piechowiak announced his resignation on Twitter. Yet, his loyalty to Jarosław Gowin is rather uncertain. Mr Piechowiak writes that he has a hard time imagining "being in opposition to the United Right coalition, whose voters elected me to the represent them in parliament".

Wojciech Murdzek, the Deputy Minister of Education and Science, resigned as well.

PiS has been planning to part ways with its junior coalition partner since the 2020 "postal presidential election". Jarosław Kaczyński was determined to carry it out, but Jarosław Gowin has blocked it. He then left the government only to return shortly after, but he never regained the trust of his senior coalition partner. Later, former Agreement MEP Adam Bielan and his acolytes unsuccessfully tried to sideline Gowin and take control of his party. - At the end of all this, the most important thing will be to convince the public that it was the other party that led the United Right coalition to collapse - we heard from the PiS headquarters shortly before Gowin's dismissal.


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