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Duda was an honorary guest of the 6th Extraordinary Congress of "Gazeta Polska", a staunchly right wing and pro-Law and Justice media outlet. The event took place on Friday and was held online due to the pandemic. As organisers of the event explained, for members of the Gazeta Polska clubs, "there are no difficulties that are insurmountable“.

Gliński and Gowin praise "Gazeta Polska" Clubs

- You are the salt of the Polish earth, you are our civil society. You are an organised network of people who are most devoted to Polish affairs,' the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Culture, Piotr Gliński, addressed the club members, reuniting its most loyal readers, in a special video recording.

Jarosław Gowin, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Economy, also spared no compliments: "Members of the clubs are committed to the defence of Polish democracy and freedom of speech. Thank you for your steadfast action. For your sense of responsibility for the Polish nation.”

There were many topics to discuss. According to Ryszard Kapuściński, the head of the ‘Gazeta Polska' Clubs, 'every day we witness attacks on the Church, we see the aggression of a possessed, crazy crowd directed at temples, at monuments that are being devastated and profaned’.

- We will think about how to stop people who, under the guise of lofty slogans, want to destroy Poland,' he announced. Indeed, massive protests have just swept throughout Poland, triggered by the decision of the Constitutional Tribunal on the matter of abortion. Among the protesters’ demands announced by the National Women's Strike, one concerns the resignation of the current government.

"Western European salons“ in Duda’s eyes

During the meeting of the Gazeta Polska Clubs, the Polish president was asked whether the parliamentary coalition would survive until the end of his term in office. - We know very well that the elites, most often liberal-left-wing or even leftist ones, are trying at all costs to lead to a change of power in Poland. They thought this would be possible in the presidential elections. They failed, and thus right now they are trying to bring about new parliamentary elections as soon as possible, as well as trigger social unrest and deepen divisions within our coalition.  Here different forces are in place, not just one - assessed Andrzej Duda (quoted from Niezalezna.pl).

The Law and Justice party continues to describe the protests not as spontaneous, but as inspired by the opposition. The ruling party was using this narrative not only regarding the demonstrations triggered by the abortion restriction, but also to explain the events of the Independence March.

In an interview with the ‘Gazeta Polska' Clubs, the President again talked about the ‘/tax gap', which was allegedly sealed by the current government. According to him, before it was possible for 'someone to steal tens of billions of zlotys every year'. And 'if someone has the money', he can afford 'various activities, more or less behind-the-scenes, just as using people from the old security services'.

- People from the old security services are deprived of most of their pensions," he continued. - These are people who were trained for many years in the secret services of the People's Republic of Poland, so we are struggling with a very strong force, which is supported - as everyone can see - by different kinds of „salons“ from Western Europe. They want to change Polish people's mentality, they want to ruin Christian foundations of our country, they want to impose here a liberal-left or even radical leftist ideology.

The President demands the media repolonization bill

The President admitted that 'the latest events which have taken place within the Polish political scene’ and 'certain actions that were carried out on the part of the United Right' camp were 'completely incomprehensible' to him. Although he did not specify his thoughts, during the same meeting, he described the 'Animal Five’, a draft bill concerning animal protection pushed by Jarosław Kaczyński, as 'absolutely ill-considered'. He also said that the Constitutional Tribunal’s judgment on abortion 'should be published'. (the Government Legislation Centre, which is subordinate to the Prime Minister, hasn’t still done so).

- I would like to see a project which offers any real solutions in this regard. This is an issue that we have been hearing about in the United Right camp for more than five years, but I have not seen any proposal for a specific solution in this area - he answered when asked about media repolonization.

Duda had been appreciated by the ‘Gazeta Polska' Clubs already at the beginning of the first Presidency - he was then elected Man of the Year 2015. "Why Andrzej Duda? If we take into consideration the beginnings of his campaign, even before the 2015 presidential election, it is impossible not to recall an old, wise thought: first people pretend that you are completely unknown. Then they laugh at you. Then they start to fear you. And in the end, you win'. - said the explanatory statement.

Now it was the President who thanked the members of Gazeta Polska community: - Thank you for your support during the presidential campaign, that you were with me to the end, that you came to meetings, that you supported me in difficult situations.


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