Are the protesters Poles? No, because they do not love Poland. The only thing they need is a severe and just punishment - says the advisor of the Minister of Science and Education, Przemysław Czarnek. And the Ministry of Education is already collecting data from schools that were involved in the protests and is announcing that their involvement will have "far-reaching consequences".
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On Monday, late in the afternoon, during a radio interview, Paweł Skrzydlewski, a philosopher from the State Higher Vocational School in Chełm, stated that the "the protesters are not Poles" and "they need a severe punishment." He added that young people who take to the streets to express their support for the women's strike are guided by "the whispers of the devil seized by the media, degenerate teachers and professors.

- They shout obscenities and say terrible things, protesting against the alleged theory that Poland is hell for women. They demand the right to the so-called abortion, or infanticide, and in a gesture of indignation they attack believers, profane masses, devastate churches and monuments of national culture - he explained and emphasized: - A brave question must be asked: are the protesters Polish? No, because they do not know and do not want to know Poland. They do not love it, and all that is its foundation, that is God, honor and homeland, they reject it in its entirety, they destroy and mock it. Today, all they really need is a severe and just punishment. Such punishment would not be evil but a blessing, because it restores health and order.

He also said that there is no compromise in this matter, because "whoever believes in compromise, dialogue and agreement in this matter, whoever calls for those values, has already lost, because he must reject God".

The Ministry of National Education issues a threat of "serious consequences"

Minister Czarnek followed the words of his advisor. On Monday, he announced in the pages of "Nasz Dziennik" that on the basis of reports from the superintendent's offices he will identify teachers who encouraged students to protest and thus supported "hooliganism, vandalism, rudeness and brutality". - All the furthest-reaching consequences will be drawn, which are within the legal limits of the ministry and the superintendents", he announced.

We will find out what these consequences will be on Tuesday. Former Minister of Health Bartosz Arlukowicz posted on Twitter a template to be completed by the curators on Monday: "The Ministry of National Education sends letters to school principals and tells them to answer in writing how the protests in their schools took place and what steps they have taken regarding the protesting students and teachers! Full blown authoritarianism".

In the Ministry's letter to the curators, which Arlukowicz made public, we read that the curators are to provide a "short description of the event", specify the town and the school and report on the actions taken.

Is the goal to collect the names of protesting teachers and students?

Following the publication of these details by Arlukowicz, the Ministry responded that: "We have signals that some teachers encouraged students to participate in the protests. It is our duty to react immediately to such information. If it is confirmed that some teachers persuaded the students to participate in the protests or took part in them themselves, causing danger during the epidemic and behaving in a way that offends the ethos of their profession, the consequences provided by the law will be drawn. We also do not agree to encourage hooliganism and vulgar behavior by children and youth. There is no consent for students to behave in this way.

According to a TVN 24 journalist Justyna Suchecka, the Ministry will not collect names of students and teachers in this context. "We wanted to check the situation in the regions, but there is no question of collecting the names of students or teachers". - ensures the Ministry's spokesperson Anna Ostrowska.

We have already written many times about the fact that some students who supported the National Women's Strike - going out on the streets or adding the protest's symbol onto their avatar during online lessons - were intimidated, called "murderers", and thrown out of e-learning. There were also threats - as in the Secondary School in Lublin - that they would be removed from the list of students. According to the Ombudsman, such action is illegal and students exercise their right to express their opinions.


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