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Yesterday, on October 28th at approximately 8.30 pm, a group of 30 masked men, emboldened by the Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński’s call to "defend the Polish nation", attacked our journalists who were covering the women’s protest in Wrocław, south-west Poland

Magda Kozioł was hit in the stomach and thrown to the ground. Joanna Urbańska-Jaworska was dragged and thrown to the ground, and her camera got knocked off.  

The assault on Magda Kozioł and Joanna Urbańska-Jaworska did not only constitute a violation of their bodily integrity. It was also an attempt to block them from fulfilling their journalistic duties. 

We stand in protest against the barbaric attack and guarantee that we will do everything to ensure that the perpetrators responsible for the assault face justice. We welcome the fact that the main assailant has been identified and detained by the police earlier today.

Given the gravity of the situation, we are informing international human rights and freedom of speech organizations about this abhorrent incident.

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