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The video with Kaczyński’s statement was posted to his party’s Facebook page on Tuesday evening.  

The chairman of the ruling Law and Justice party opened his statement by referring to last week’s constitutional court ruling which introduced a near total ban on abortion. -On October 22, the Constitutional Tribunal issued a judgment on the constitutionality of the article of the 1993 law, which prohibits abortion but allows it under certain circumstances, including a severe injury to the child during the prenatal period or in the case of severe illness leading to death. The ruling is in full accordance with the constitution. What is more, in light of the constitution, the court could not have ruled otherwise- said Kaczyński.

-We are in the midst of a severe stage of the COVID-19 epidemic. We are in a state in which all gatherings of more than five people are banned. These demonstrations will cost the lives of many people- he pointed out.

Kaczyński also said that those who call for the demonstrations, but also those who take part in them, “cause a general threat”. – They are committing a serious crime- he emphasized, adding that: - The authorities not only have the right but also a duty to oppose events of this kind.

Kaczyński: There is nihilism in these demonstrations

Kaczyński claims that there is yet another side to the protests. – Churches are being targeted. There is absolutely no precedent to such acts. It is a terrible event- he said. Continuing his address, he argued that although people might have different opinions about the church, Poland still guarantees religious tolerance. – With all certainty, the moral repository which the church represents is the only common moral system known in Poland. Its rejection means nihilism – he added.

The leader of the Law and Justice party stated that “we can see this nihilism” in the demonstrations: - We can see it the way those who demonstrate express themselves, in their extraordinary vulgarity. We can see it in all that which uncovers the very vile sides of a part of our society.

He further added that there is a “visible element of preparation, perhaps even training” in the “attacks on churches”. – This attack [on churches] is meant to destroy Poland. It will lead to the triumph of forces whose authorities will end the history of the Polish nation as we know it, as we have seen it until now – he warned. He then urged his followers to “defend Poland and patriotism”, arguing that the “war which [our] opponents directly declared” can only be won in this way.

Kaczyński: We must defend Polish churches at all costs

Kaczyński lamented the fact that – allegedly–parents are pressuring their children to participate in the demonstrations. – We need to oppose this. It is the duty of the state, but also our duty, the duty of citizens. We especially need to defend Polish churches. They must be defended at all cost. I call on all PiS members and all of our supporters to take part in defending the church- he urged.

In the appeal to his supporters, Kaczyński also stated that the Thursday court ruling regarding abortion cannot be changed (following the order of the Constitutional Tribunal’s President, Julia Przyłębska, the ruling will be published until November 2 at the latest).  – It is all the more impossible to pass a law that would allow abortion upon request. And such were the demands of the far left voiced in the Parliament amid the screams "war, war." – he said.

Towards the end of his speech, Kaczyński urged Poles to “oppose all this, which can destroy us”. –It depends on the state and its apparatus, but most of all, it depends on us. Let me say it again: it depends on our determination and courage. Let us defend Poland!- he concluded.

The youth wing of the Law and Justice party already responded to his appeal. „Our chairman @Michal_Moskal assigned district leaders of the Youth Forum to defend the sites which are holy to millions of Poles” – the Law and Justice party Youth Forum announced on Twitter.


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