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The online news service Wirtualna Polska broke the story on Sunday evening. According to unofficial sources, the first beds have already been installed on Saturday. Initially, the plan is to provide 500 emergency hospital beds. Although an official opening date remains unknown, the facility might be fully functional by the end of this week.

Turning the National Stadium into an emergency field hospital

Michał Dworczyk, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, is responsible for overseeing the project. – When regular hospitals are starting to run out of beds, field hospitals need to be established to alleviate the burden.  The Material Reserves Agency has over 80.000 emergency beds at its disposal. These will be gradually transferred to field hospitals – says an anonymous source cited by Wirtualna Polska.

The Polish Armed Forces have also been mobilized to help build the emergency hospital in the National Stadium.

-We’re currently preparing the necessary installation for the supply and distribution of oxygen – says another informant cited by TVN24.pl. According to the news portal, on Monday, “heavy equipment will be delivered to help the construction of the field hospital proceed at full speed”.

Shortage of hospital beds

As "Wyborcza" reported last week, hospitals in Warsaw are already lacking beds for patients infected with the coronavirus. On Wednesday, the head of the Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Unit at the Czerniakowski Hospital, Tomasz Siegel, published a dramatic declaration: "There are no more beds for COVID-19 patients in the entire country. Every hospital trying to move a COVID patient to an infectious disease unit knows this perfectly well. The official statistics are fictitious. The number of available ventilators is not the point here. What matters is the number of intensive care units and medical workers able to treat severely ill patients. The intensive care units are full. Last week, 12 COVID patients were waiting for a single ventilator at the Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Interior!”.

An emergency room nurse at the District Infectious Disease Hospital in Warsaw confirmed his account: - There are no available beds at our hospital. We’re shocked. The beds started to fill up as the number of infected people started to rise drastically – the nurse tells us.

Presenting the government’s coronavirus response strategy at a recent press conference, the Minister of Health, Adam Niedzielski, spoke about the necessity of creating emergency field hospitals. – The work on such projects is underway. We’re currently at the stage of analyzing business plans for specific projects- he said.


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