Names of teenagers who committed suicide after being subjected to homophobic harassment were anonymously spray-painted outside the building of the Ministry of Education. Instead of addressing the problem of school bullying, at a press conference, the Minister insulted the graffiti writers calling them "idiots" and "barbarians".
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Somebody tagged the building of the Ministry of Education in Warsaw with names of teenagers who died by suicide: “Dominik”, “Milo”, “Zuzia”, “Kacper”, “Wiktor”. There’s also the following sentence: “Your LGBT child”.

Imiona dzieci LGBT, które z powodu prześladowań popełniły samobójstwo. Nasprejowane na gmachu MEN. Warszawa, 30 września 2020
Imiona dzieci LGBT, które z powodu prześladowań popełniły samobójstwo. Nasprejowane na gmachu MEN. Warszawa, 30 września 2020  Fot. Jacek Marczewski / Agencja

On Wednesday, the Minister of Education, Dariusz Piontkowski, called a morning press conference to address the issue. – A group of three masked individuals committed the act of vandalism around 11:00 pm. The building they decided to deface is a former Gestapo prison where many people have been tortured- he said.

The Minister also said that the building has been “vandalized by a bunch of idiots”, calling the people who did it “barbarians”. He then continued: - The video footage we have shows that the crime was premeditated and planned. Removing the spray paint will cost us several thousand Zloty. We hope that the police will catch the suspects and that they receive justice. Piontkowski compared the suspects to Taliban militants destroying cultural heritage sites.

The Minister of Education talks about idiots and barbarians

-So, the building is more important to you? – asked one of the journalists, mentioning the case of a student in Kozienice who took her life.

- I know you tend to react emotionally when it comes to certain issues- the Minister responded. He claimed there’s nothing to suggest that the student’s suicide was in any way linked to homophobic bullying. – To me, it is an act of pure barbarism, I think it should be punished – he said referring to the graffiti.

One of the journalists pointed out that the writings refer to names of specific LGBTI teens who committed suicide, and the person who tagged them probably meant to send a message to the Ministry of Education urging it to address the issue of homophobic bullying at schools. Piontkowski replied: - I think that opinions and grievances should be communicated in a civilized way. The people who did it are idiots and barbarians incapable of respecting historical monuments. We can of course discuss the other issues.

The writings appeared shortly after the media reported that the current Minister of Education will be replaced by Przemysław Czarnek- a former governor of Lubelskie province, member of the Law and Justice Party, and a Professor at the Catholic University of Lublin (KUL).

New Minister of Education. But what about homophobia?

Mr. Czarnek became known for his homophobic comments during this year’s presidential campaign. – These people are inferior to normal people. We should finally stop listening to these moronic statements about human rights and all that equality nonsense – he said in July during a political talk-show aired on public TV.

This neo-Marxist plague is even more dangerous than Bolshevism. It’s difficult to see that at first glance. It’s usually veiled in such slogans as tolerance, freedom, and the right to pleasure. In some cases, it has even seeped into the Catholic Church – Mr. Czarnek said during one of his lectures at the Catholic University of Lublin.

On Tuesday, another story broke out.  In Kozienice, a small town in central Poland, a 12-year-old girl committed suicide. Asked about the case, one of the teachers at her school who spoke to her peers said that she has been bullied because of her sexual orientation.

Confronted with this information, the Minister denied it. – There’s nothing to suggest that the girl’s sexual orientation was of any significance in this case- he argued. “Wyborcza’s” own investigation suggests otherwise. It seems that the girl might’ve been bullied for months before the tragedy.


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