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Niedzielski is a former president of the National Health Fund (NFZ). Rau serves as chair of the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs and is a former governor of Łódź province.

Announcing the names of his newly appointed cabinet members, Prime Minister Morawiecki used the opportunity to thank the former ministers. – We want to thank two men whose hard work ensured that issues concerning Poland’s health care and foreign policy were in good hands. I’d like to thank Łukasz Szumowski and Jacek Czaputowicz for their service. – the Prime Minister said, adding that the former minister of health, Szumowski, left the ministry “well prepared” for a second wave of coronavirus.

On Thursday, only two days after Szumowski’s decision to step down from office, the minister of foreign affairs, Jacek Czaputowicz, submitted his resignation as well.

Neither comes as a surprise. Czaputowicz announced his plans to leave the ministry much earlier, agreeing with Prime Minister Morawiecki that he will wait with submitting his resignation at least until the presidential election. Speculations about changes in the health ministry could also be heard in the ministerial corridors for a long time. Yet, even if the resignations didn’t come unexpected, their timing caught the Prime Minister by surprise. That’s why the spots remained open for so long. – Neither of the two ministers is politically dependent on Jarosław Kaczyński and will do just fine outside politics.  They don’t have to beg for top positions – one of our sources concludes.

Earlier this week, we’ve seen two other resignations. Wanda Buk, the deputy minister of digitalization, stepped down and the deputy minister of health, Łukasz Cieszyński, has also left his office. The ongoing cabinet reshuffle is causing uneasiness among ministers and members of the ruling camp. – These chaotic decisions are showing us in a bad light. Even if ministers decide to leave their posts to avoid being exchanged, the Prime Minister shouldn’t give them a permission before he finds the right replacement. It wouldn’t hurt to wait just a few days longer, but it would have sent a completely different signal- says our source representing the ruling camp.  

Governmental reconstruction coming in September

The recent cabinet-level decisions don’t leave the party unaffected. -  There’s a general feeling of chaos; the media keep writing about changes in the government but we are still in the dark about the actual decisions, we don’t know who’ll keep their job and who’ll have to go. There are ever more speculations about reducing the number of ministerial positions and journalists report about administrative cuts of up to 20%. Everyone is looking at each other with suspicion and unease – our source describes the situation.

In an interview with TVN 24 on Thursday, Ryszard Terlecki, the head of Law and Justice’s parliamentary group, said that “initially the governmental reconstruction was supposed to take place at the beginning of September. As of today, however, the end of September is probably a more realistic scenario”.


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