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The recordings from the scene of the event available in the media as well as public statements by witnesses including MPs from the Polish Sejm indicate that the conduct of the police officers requires urgent examination as to its correctness and legality.

Therefore, I have already taken actions on this matter ex officio to examine the following:

  • causes and legal basis for the Police intervention against the protesters,
  • circumstances and causes of the detention of a large number of persons (according to currently available information – approximately 50 persons),
  • use of coercive measures against the protesters,
  • respecting the rights of the detainees at the police stations, including access to legal counsel in the course of actions undertaken by the Police against the detainees.

    Protest solidarnościowy w Warszawie z zatrzymaną aktywistką Margot, Fot. Kuba Atys / Agencja Gazeta

Moreover, today, the representatives of National Prevention Mechanism against Torture (NPMs), an organ responsible for eliminating risk of occurrence of torture or inhuman or degrading  treatment, are carrying out inspections at the police stations where persons detained during yesterday's events are being held.

In a democratic state ruled by law, all citizens, regardless of any characteristics, including sexual orientation and gender identity, should enjoy their full rights with a sense of safety and dignity. I stress that the protection of this safety is one of the basic tasks of the Police.

Adam Bodnar

Polish Commissioner for Human Rights


from: rpo.gov.pl

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