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This week Poland has seen a significant spike in diagnosed coronavirus infections, with a record number of 680 new cases on Tuesday.

Earlier this week, the Minister of Health, Łukasz Szumowski, announced new regulations aimed to stop the spread of coronavirus epidemic. Large events such as weddings are to take place under strict supervision of the sanitary inspectorate and will have to be registered. The Minister also mentioned shop inspections to check whether customers and staff are wearing face masks or visors. Business owners should also expect higher fines for not complying with sanitary rules. 

Weddings without seniors

The Law and Justice government is currently working on imposing additional restrictions. One of discussed regulations will effectively ban elderly citizens from attending weddings. – If it means protecting the life and health of our grandparents, we will introduce a ban to prevent seniors from attending such events – said the Deputy Minister of Development, Olga Semianiuk, during her television appearance on the “Rzecz o polityce” (“a thing about politics”) programme.

The daily “Rzeczpospolita” reported that the new guidelines for weddings prepared by the Ministry of Health and the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate might include a mandatory order to wear face masks and limits on the number of participating guests

Tougher restrictions in 19 districts

Given a recent spike in new coronavirus cases in particular places around the country, on Saturday, the Minister of Health will introduce tougher restrictions in 19 selected districts. The districts were classified into red (higher number of cases) and yellow zones.  

More severe restrictions will be imposed in “red” districts in southern Poland such as Ostrzeszowski, Nowosądecki, Wieluński, Pszczyński, Rybnicki, Wodzisławski, and in the cities of Nowy Sącz, Rybnik and Ruda Śląska.

“Yellow” districts such as Wieruszewski, Jastrzębie Zdrój, Jarosławski, Żory, Kępiński, Przemyski, Cieszyński, Pińczowski, Oświęcimski and Przemyśl will see lesser restrictions.  

People living in 9 of the „red” districts will have to comply with a mandatory order to cover their faces in all public places. The restrictions will also apply to means of public transportation (50% seating capacity). There will be a limit of 50 guests for weddings organized in “red” zones. In 10 of the selected “yellow” zones the maximum number of wedding guests will be 100 people.


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