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On Sunday, Jarosław Kaczyński gave a nearly one hour long interview to the state-controlled Polish Radio Channel One (Jedynka). Among other things, he spoke about the role of media in the presidential campaign. According to Kaczynski’s own analysis, it was mostly the media that contributed to Rafał Trzaskowski’s relative success in the election. – Until he stepped in for Małgorzata Kidawa-Błońska and replaced her as the Civic Platform’s presidential candidate, many voters didn’t even know who Rafał Trzaskowski was. This only worked to his advantage. It allowed him to pretend to be someone else, to hide his real face. Having the powerful media outlets on his side, he could create the illusion of a leader who will mend the divided Polish society. That’s the power of media in action- said the head of Law and Justice, claiming that the state-controlled broadcaster TVP (or, “our media” as he put it) is infinitely more objective.

The media is also at fault for Andrzej Duda’s inability to win young voters. – Young people are especially vulnerable to all the propaganda and lies that shape social perception- Kaczyński stated, adding that “attacks on reality” and the “introduction of a counter-reality” is taking place even in between music broadcast.

Asked about the “repolonization” and “deconcentration” of media, i.e. the imposition of limits on foreign-owned independent media outlets, he said that the appropriate legislation is expected to be introduced rather soon, as no country can allow itself to have such powerful propaganda tools be in the hands of foreign actors.

Morawiecki keeps his job, no cabinet reshuffle

As soon as the summer vacation season ends, we can expect a government reshuffle. But the leader of Law and Justice assured that Mateusz Morawiecki will remain unchallenged in his role as the Prime Minister. The government, however, is about to undergo some structural changes, making the executive decision-making process more centralized and efficient, not scattered across several different ministerial offices, as it was the case until now. Kaczyński was reluctant to reveal specific names, but he confirmed that there will be some changes in the personnel, too.  

Asked about his own plans (“distant plans”, the interviewer had to emphasize) regarding his role as the party leader, he admitted that there is “a whole range of politicians who like to think about themselves as the new leaders of the right”. – I need to be mindful of my own wear and tear, but also the ambitions of all the fifty-year-olds who are waiting for their moment. I can’t stand in their way. Poland has no tradition of gerontocracy – he further explained.

Kaczyński also attacked the opposition for filing electoral protests and challenging the validity of a democratic election. Moreover, he criticized local governments for their lack of cooperation with the national postal service (initially, the presidential election was planned to take place on May 10 and rely exclusively on mail-in ballots. Back then, some of the local governments refused to hand out lists including voter addresses and other personal information). Kaczyński emphasized that while examining the electoral protests, the Supreme Court should strongly criticize local governments for their behaviour. 


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