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You’ll have to forgive me, but I’ll begin with a few inportant “NO’s”:

No, it is not a matter of a different “worldview” because targeting non-heteronormative individuals is simply an insult to even the most basic understanding of the world.

No, this is not a “war of convictions ” because violence against non-heteronormative people is simply an insult to all religions proclaiming the principle of human dignity, and nearly all of them do.

No, it is not a “matter of mores and tradition” unless we accept that cruel humiliation and social exclusion of difference is customary in the 21st century. 

No, it is not only the “radical” left who demand equality for LGBTQ people because the universality of human rights is accepted across almost entire democratic political spectrum.

No, it is not a matter of “dispute” surrounding homosexuality as such because obscene victimisation is no “dispute” at all.

No, the topic of LGBTQ rights is not a “red herring” calculated to distract us and cover up the lack of competence, many instances of corruption, nepotism, and sheer stupidity of the ruling camp. No, it’s not a “red herring” and it certainly cannot be ignored. It is a key issue defining our position as a civilised community.

No, it is not a conversation we can avoid, deem to be less important, or try to evade because of the potentially negative impact it might have on the ongoing presidential campaign. We can’t afford to ignore it just because Poles “aren’t ready” to discuss it yet...

And finally, this is not an appeal to all the cynics and fools who go to great lengths to harass non-heteronormative people, calling them an “ideology” and falsely accusing them of being a “threat” to the traditional family model. Pursuing such hateful agenda only works to their disadvantage. It’s impossible to have an honest conversation with them in the first place, not to mention trying to bury the hatchet, close the gap, and build a bridge of “common good”. Cynics and fools are not interested in any common good. Their only interest is hate.

Let my words go out to all of you who, just like Seweryn Blumsztajn during the pride parade in Kraków 14 years ago, wish to shout : “I’m gay, too!”. And like John F. Kennedy declaring in 1963, “Ich bin ein Berliner!”, in solidarity with those behind the newly built wall.

Yes, non-heteronormative people want to see the wall torn down. They don’t want to be walled-in or pushed back into the “closet”. They demand the same rights available to all others who are a part of our society and our country. Their fight for a legal protection of marriage, family, and children is a fight for human and civil rights.

Yes, just like the rest of us, LGBTQ people were also given only one life. Why would they wait for the society, state, and the legal system to “grow up” and mercifully grant them their inalienable rights?

Yes, there are several million of LGBTQ people and their families in Poland - provided, of course, they weren’t disowned because of a barbaric prejudice. What’s more, there are  several dozen thousand non-heteronormative parents in Poland, who remain practically invisible because official institutions don’t recognise them. Their children are often targets of bullying and ridicule; some of them are driven to the edge...

Yes, standing up against the discrimination of LGBTQ people and committing to their full inclusion as rightful members of our society defines our place in the Western culture, and is a hallmark of humanity.

Yes, minority rights are at the core of liberal, but also conservative  philosophy. Take Prime Minister Cameron. He spoke out in support of same-sex marriages and their right to adopt children precisely because of his commitment to fundamental conservative values, such as family.

Yes, the protection of minority rights is an essential part of every democratic and civilised society that protects and supports their less fortunate members, instead of oppressing and intimidating them.

Yes, “Wyborcza” sees itself as a part of the democratic system. Without it, what we do would no longer be possible, unless, of course, we took our work underground. We stand up in defense of the intimidated and oppressed. Our solidarity is free from pettiness and opportunistic calculations. We declare our support loud and clear.

Yes, yes and no, no - we can’t just stand by and watch. The wall of injustice is bound to fall.

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