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The presidential election in Poland will take place on June 28th after the parliament approved the new date with the votes of the governing majority. All the candidates who were originally registered for the May 10th ballot are automatically registered for the new election. However, the leading rival of the incumbent Andrzej Duda - Rafał Trzaskowski from the Civic Coalition - is required to collect 100 thousand signatures supporting his candidacy after he replaced Małgorzata Kidawa-Błońska. For this, Trzaskowski will only have seven days, even though his counter candidates had fifty days during the previous registration. Many see this is a blatant attempt by the ruling camp to stop Trzaskowski from running. 

This week brought yet another announcement meant to bring the country one stop closer to the new normal - by decision of the government, from 6 June Poles will be able to travel by plane to the European Union . On the same day, cinemas, theatres, swimming pools and gyms will be allowed to reopen.

The return to full economic activity cannot come fast enough, since coronavirus exposed the fragility of the Polish middle class. In Poland, putting money aside for bad times is still such a big sacrifice that 45 percent of the members of the middle class have no savings whatsoever. The same number of people are burdened with various types of debt. Several months with a reduced wage, or worse still, with no wage whatsoever, is enough to deprive the majority of Poles of their middle class status

However, economic necessity can prove to run counter to epidemiologic reality. New study claims that the government’s premature lifting of restrictions means the number of infections in Poland will likely reach 3 million, and can go all the way to 6 million if all restrictions are lifted.

Finally, while the country is trying to combat both the medical and economic threats posed by the epidemic, the Ministry of Justice is spending taxpayer money on sponsored homophobic articles bemoaning the "persecution of Christians " in right-wing magazines. The articles were comparing the LGBTQIA community efforts for equal rights with the occupation of Poland by the Red Army in 1945.

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In addition to publishing news and stories, we are also covering how the expat community in Poland is coping with both the virus and the country-wide lockdown by giving voice to your testimonials. If you are interested in sharing your story, please send as an e-mail at: listy@wyborcza.pl .

Thank you for being with us. There is no freedom without solidarity.

Miłosz Wiatrowski

Newsletter’s Editor

PhD candidate in Contemporary European History, Yale University 


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I wouldn't be so sure about that. If Duda's popularity will continue to decline, a few days before election Kaczyński is going to cancel the voting due to corona outbreak.
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