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By decision of the government, from 6 June we will be able to travel by plane to the European Union. Poland opens its borders and resumes international flights. This is a second step in relaunching the aviation market after the LOT flights within Poland have returned from June 1. The last stage will consist of relaunching intercontinental flights to Asia or North America.

Wizz Air will fly out of Poland one week later than planned

The airlines started selling tickets for June and July a few weeks ago. Among them was Wizz Air, which declared that the first planes from Krakow's airport in Balice will fly this Sunday, 7 June.

However, this will not happen. Wizz Air announced on Thursday that it extends the suspension of flights by one more week. "As a result of the extension of the restrictions on international flights, the airline will suspend all flights of the Polish flight network until 14 June". - informed Anna Robaczynska from Wizz Air.

How do I get my money back for my booked flight?

Passengers who have booked tickets directly on wizzair.com or via its mobile application will be informed about the changes automatically by email.

As the carrier ensures, customers will receive 120% of the original booking value. They can either use the funds to buy any airline ticket within the next two years or request a cash refund (then they will receive 100% of the original booking value).

- Passengers who have booked through agencies, including online travel agencies, should contact the company from which they purchased their tickets," said Anna Robaczynska from Wizz Air.

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