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The next "shield 3.0" is to be revealed at the end of the week. New solutions are still being discussed between different ministries. The “shield” will come into force in May.

What will change for local governments 

New solutions will be included as part of the new “anti-crisis” shield in order to help local governments.

The poviat (district) revenue for state-owned land management will be increased from 25 to 50 percent. Poviats may gain up to 400 million PLN.

Installments of janosikowe (government unit income) will be postponed. Wealthy cities should be able to pay their shares for May and June by the end of the year.

Cities will be able to increase their debt this year provided the additional expenses are related to fighting the pandemic.

Communes and poviats will also be able to receive more from PIT and CIT taxes, real estate, agricultural and forestry taxes, and from stamp duties or tax on civil law transactions. The exact sum is still the subject of government dispute.

Some ministers want a much greater amount of money to be transferred to local governments. The inner circle close to Jarosław Kaczyński suggests that this increase should not be high.

What will change for landlords

The government is planning aid to renters who have lost their jobs.

Unfortunately, support will not be provided to residents of communal flats. It will only be directed to tenants of flats on the private market and residents of the premises of Towarzystwo Budownictwa Społecznego (TBS).

The government is planning subsidies for housing allowances. In cases when a tenant has lost a job or receives a reduced salary as a result of the pandemic, the tenant will be able to receive 1.5 thousand PLN in monthly support (up to 75 percent of rent). Up to 900,000 tenants are to benefit from the aid.

Voucher for tourism

The proposal includes the “Thousand plus for tourism” program, which was already announced by the Minister of Development, Jadwiga Emilewicz.

Poles will receive special vouchers for holidays in Polish hotels to support native hoteliers who have been affected by the crisis.

The government and the Polish Tourism Organization are constantly working on the details of the voucher.

The main issue is selecting the beneficiaries of the vouchers. According to our information, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki does not agree that every Pole should receive a voucher, as the expense would be too significant for the state budget.

Taking this into account, one assumes the vouchers will first be distributed to medical workers – doctors, nurses and paramedics.

The vouchers are to be used in the second half of 2020.

Public Investments

There will also be changes related to public procurement, including those implemented by the General Directorate for National Roads and Highways.

The greater flexibility in the implementation of contracts is included among the new rules. This should protect construction companies from paying fines for not meeting deadlines.

What will change for larger companies?

The government is also discussing the question of a new kind of support for companies employing over 250 people.

As of now, according to the provisions of the first anti-crisis shield, such companies can receive a maximum support of 40 percent of the average salary per employee, provided that the company reduces salaries by 20 percent.

Minister Emilewicz would like this aid to be even bigger but the prime minister will make the final decision. The government has not come to an agreement on this issue at the moment.

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