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A few days ago we received a letter from Mr. Jacek Stasiak, which aimed to describe the situation of entrepreneurs in Poland after the introduction of the "anti-crisis shield". He put it in one sentence: "Help for companies? I went to banks and Social Insurance Fund , and I'm down 2,600 PLN. Are they supposed to help me, or am I saving them?"

New, extremely difficult business conditions mean that millions of companies, especially the smallest ones, face huge problems. Profits are tough to come by, but we can do something no less important.

"Gazeta Wyborcza" started a special partnership with law firms. Readers - entrepreneurs as well as employees who have doubts over the new legal order and cannot find clear answers in the new regulations - can write an e-mail (listy@wyborcza.pl) to "Wyborcza". We will forward your questions to well-respected lawyers and publish their answers on Wyborcza.pl.

Your letter may lead us to a wider treatment of the problem. As in the case of Robert, who pointed us to a problem affecting thousands of entrepreneurs. In the case he mentioned, the matter came down to two words - the term "micro enterprise" has been replaced by the word "payer".

- At the last moment the word "micro enterprise" was deleted, which meant that thousands of companies simply do not qualify for assistance. Although they have the status of micro enterprises! This is a complete fraud! - wrote Robert. The entire article inspired by his story and our explanation of the situation can be found here: At the last moment, PiS deleted one key word from the "anti-crisis shield"

The law firms which will participate in our initiative and answer your questions:

Clifford Chance 




Gide Loyrette Nouel 

Greenberg Traurig 

Jagodziński Fiddler 

Pietrzak Sidor & Partners 


Rymarz Zdort 

Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak

Wardyński & Partners

Examples of questions we have already received with a request for clarification:

  • I work full-time, but I also run a business, so I have only been paying the health insurance contributions so far. Can I benefit from the three month exemption from paying social contributions in the same way as self-employed entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises?
  • Is the „anti-crisis shield” designed to support entrepreneurs only?
  • I have an outstanding debt due at the Social Insurance Fund. Will I be able to benefit from the three month exemption from paying contributions?

Ask more questions to lawyers by writing to the following address: listy@wyborcza.pl . We will publish the answers on Wyborcza.pl

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They are on the front lines in 25 Polish cities. They work on the ground, reporting from hospitals and airports.

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