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In their devilish pact, these two forces want to turn the Polish Republic into a single-party, single-authority, and single-leader dictatorship, where the individual is but a property of the state.

The list of lies and manipulations, of broken constitutional norms and good customs committed by Jarosław Kaczyński and his acolytes is very long. Now, with the idea to hold elections modelled after a biblical example, the list became even longer. In the years of communist dictatorship, there was a saying about the elections: when Eve was brought to Adam, God said to him: “Choose your wife”.

In a similar way, Polish citizens are now presented with Andrzej Duda - their only choice.

This choice will require making a deal with Kaczyński’s political camp. But make no mistake, it is a filthy project flawed by design, one made solely to embarrass and discredit the opposition and make it co-liable for fraudulent election.

One of my friends, a longtime critic of the PiS government, was recently trying to persuade me that it is necessary to find a compromise in order to solve the problem of presidential election. I listened in astonishment. I could not believe my friend assumed that honest deals with Kaczyński and his people are even remotely possible. 

In an era when the communist regime fought the democratic opposition, my wonderful boss and mentor, Antoni Słonimski, used to say: “We think we are playing chess with them, while in reality they are playing slapsies with us”. He meant that you should never make deals with notorious liars who led you astray so many times before.

A Russian friend of mine made this sarcastic remark about Putin’s regime: “But of course there’s democracy in Russia; after all, democracy means- one man, one vote, doesn’t it? It so happens we even know the name of that man”.

We also know that man’s name. You need to count your fingers after shaking hands with some people.

Thus, we must stay principled.

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