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The new regulation, which does away with the so-called “generational movement ban” was announced on Sunday in Dziennik Ustaw. Jogging, going for a walk and cycling are allowed, among other activities. However, renting bikes is still not possible.

Citizens are especially happy to once again be able to visit parks, forests and beaches now that this sunny, warm weekend is approaching. Kołobrzeg and Świnoujście will open their beaches for visitors today. Only playgrounds will remain closed. Facemasks in parks is still obligatory but this rule does not apply in forests. As for beaches – the legal situation remains unclear.

The new regulation states that covering the face is still obligatory in workplaces, public buildings, shops, public transit vehicles, on sidewalks, on roads, parking lots and public squares.

New rules on churches and stores

Children above the age of 13 are now allowed to be without adult supervision.

More people can participate in church masses The limit is one person per 15 square meters in a church. Up to 50 people can gather for a funeral, not counting clergy and gravediggers.

The social distancing limit in stores is 100 square meters and four customers per cash register. The limit in larger stores is the same as in churches – one person per 15 meters. The rules on the opening hours of stores dedicated to senior citizens will not apply on weekends.

Which rules will remain the same?

Bars, restaurants, hotels, theaters, cinemas, museums, hairdressers, gyms and swimming pools remain closed, as well as stores in shopping centers, except for groceries, drugstores and pharmacies.

DIY stores cannot operate on weekends.

The order to leave half seats free on trains, trams and buses will not be changed.

Cinemas last to open

The changes are the first step in the process of reducing the coronavirus restrictions. As the next step, we will be easing restrictions for hotels, boarding houses and sanatoriums. There is a chance that they might be open for May holidays. - announces Deputy Minister of Development Krzysztof Mazur

 In the third phase of easing the restrictions, the government will allow restaurants, museums, libraries, shopping malls and hair and beauty salons to open. It will still be obligatory to keep three meters distance in restaurants. Some restaurants will have to limit the number of tables

In phase four, cinemas, theaters, operas, concert halls and wellness salons will be opened.

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