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At night, the Sejm (the lower house of Poland’s parliament) voted on a new “Anti-Crisis Shield 2.0.” The opposition submitted 70 amendments but the Law and Justice Party (PiS) rejected them.

- What you propose to companies is not enough. This “Shield 2.0” is in fact nothing more than patching up “Shield 1.0.” The solutions proposed will have to be, in turn, corrected in “Shield 3.0” - said Borys Budka, the leader of Platforma Obywatelska. However, he thanked the prime minister for increasingly lowering the number of documents one has to submit when applying for government aid. - Here you are honestly thanked for listening to us - he added.

ZUS contributions

The most important change is the extension of those entitled to exemption from ZUS contributions.

In addition to the self-employed and micro-enterprises employing up to nine people, small enterprises employing 10 to 49 employees will also be exempt from ZUS contributions for three months.

Half a contribution will be paid for three months for each employee.

Here, as in the case of micro-enterprises, employees are not to lose on these changes. The state will complement the missing contributions so that future pensions will not be lower. All persons exempt from full payments at ZUS will keep their health insurance.

The exemption from ZUS contributions will also apply to all social cooperatives, regardless of the number of employees. Here, the exemption will be 100 percent.

The self-employed and people on work contracts

People on self-employment, mandate contracts and contracts for a specific task will receive aid up to 80 percent of minimum wage, i.e. PLN 2080 net monthly, paid for three consecutive months.

Aid for those who pay taxes in the form of a tax card will be lower - they will get only 50 percent of the minimum wage, i.e. PLN 1300 net.

For farmers and uniformed services

Changes in the Shield also refer to farmers and household members. If they are subject to mandatory quarantine, epidemiological supervision or hospitalization, they will be entitled to an allowance of 50 percent minimum wage (PLN 1300 gross).

The government's "Shield 2.0" also provides for an additional 14-day care allowance related to the closure of schools and kindergartens for uniformed services. They will be entitled to childcare allowance when taking care of children up to eight years old.

Loan for logistics

The logistics industry will be able to get a liquidity loan enabling support for the day-to-day operations. There will be a 15-month grace period. The Agency for Industrial Development will provide support.

There will be changes in perpetual usufruct fees, tax and subscription. The government is also introducing an additional allowance

To get a loan, the company will have to apply to the Agency for Industrial Development. Together with the application, the company will have to submit a declaration of their difficult situation and a recovery plan. The Agency for Industrial Development will have 14 days to consider the application.

Bankruptcy law will also change. The Shield states that "if the basis for the declaration of bankruptcy arose during the period of the epidemic, the time limit for filing the application for bankruptcy does not start or is interrupted."

Forced day-off

One of the numerous amendments to the Shield stated that if an emergency or epidemic condition occurs in Poland, the Prime Minister will be able to announce a day off from work. The amendment was introduced by the PiS club to “ensure health security.”

Now the "Shield 2.0” will go to the Senate.

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