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As the number of coronavirus cases continues to rapidly rise, new sanitary restrictions will be in force from Wednesday.

- We keep receiving information about more cases of infected patients and new victims of coronavirus. We want to avoid what happened in Western Europe at all cost. We intend to further flatten the curve - emphasized Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during the press conference.

Morawiecki underlined the importance of social distancing. - The distance of two meters between any two people must be kept, the only exceptions to this rule are mothers taking care of their children or caretakers of people with disabilities. In public spaces, minors shall be accompanied by adults, said the Prime Minister. The access to public parks and city bikes has been restricted. 

- We are also introducing a stricter limit of people in shops - three people for one cash register. Store customers must wear gloves. There can also be three people for each stand at marketplaces - says Morawiecki.

- Starting from the coming weekend, construction stores will be closed. The pharmacies and grocery stores will be open to senior citizens only each day between 10 a 12. We urge you to shop just once every few days instead of every day. All beauty salons, hairdressers and tattoo shops will be closed. 

Mateusz Morawiecki: - Employees at workplaces will have to maintain a distance of 1.5 m from each other and be equipped with disinfectants. These restrictions have been in force since Thursday, so that employers had time to prepare. Hotels will be closed, except for those used for quarantine purposes. The number of passengers in private transport carriers will also be limited, following the example of public transport. Rehabilitation treatments have to temporarily close. All devices that customers touch at shops should be disinfected. The government introduced an obligatory mobile app for people in quarantine.

The Prime Minister also announces the extension of quarantine - it will also cover family members with whom a person subject to quarantine lives.

- We must limit our social life not only by 50, but by 80 percent. Only then we have the chance to reduce the growth in coronavirus cases and limit the number of victims. Social distancing is the only way we can fight the virus right now - we do not have vaccines or necessary medications yet. All we can do is isolate ourselves - added the Minister of Health, Łukasz Szumowski.

- We do not think now about when the restrictions will be lifted - stated Morawiecki. The Prime Minister also said that the unemployment rate is expected to rise in the nearest future. 

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