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"Can you appeal to the residents of Kraków to air the apartments, ventilate staircases, etc.? It is very important, as important as wearing gloves (...). These are the experiences of Chinese and Iranian doctors, Italians and Spaniards are encouraged to do so. We issued such an appeal and our building is the only one in the area that ventilates the corridors, ”says a resident of the Hutniczy housing estate.

Airing like washing your hands

- A good idea and an example to follow - admits Bogdan Pawela, president of the board of the housing cooperative "Widok". - The more so that it gets warmer and there is no fear that the temperature in the blocks will drop when we start to open the windows in the cages. For now, however, we have introduced the principle that all handrails, door handles, but also elevator buttons (those insides and outside) are disinfected several times a day. The floors and stairs are also cleaned much more often, although in this case with ordinary chemicals.

Such a recommendation was issued by most housing cooperatives.

- The caretakers are equipped with germicidal liquids and in addition to handrails or door handles, they also wipe mailboxes. On airing: our residents have taken care of it a long time - adds Tadeusz Czopik from a housing community from the estate Consent.

How to disinfect blocks

Most cooperatives report new cleaning rules on their websites.

SM "Grodzka": "Please be advised that the cleaning company performs its duties under the agreed scope of work. The hours of work will change, the company will start their work it in the early morning hours. "

SM "Kabel" (suspended direct service to residents, its employees are on duty remotely): "Cleanliness services will pay attention to thorough cleaning of handrails, door handles or buttons on cranes. Please report any irregularities in this respect, but I also ask for your understanding, as the cleaning company employees are limited in number. We are aware that our actions may be an obstacle for you, but we are dealing with a situation that we have not yet processed and in which procedures are created regularly. I am also asking for understanding for employees of the Cooperative, we are also only people, we have families and we are also afraid for our health. "

- Lack of disinfectants may be a problem shortly. For now, we use the supplies, but they will also run out. We have placed the order and we are waiting - adds Agnieszka Stachyra, president of SM "Mistrzejowice". - I will add observation: in our area, people follow the recommendations and stay at home, the playgrounds have also been deserted.

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