"They weren't emigrants - they were refugees". The exhibition commemorating March '68 with the record-breaking number of visitors

Alicja Bobrowicz, foto: Anna Czuba, edit: Michał Szyszka; translation: Zofia Sochańska
17.09.2018 13:37

- We considered it imperative to say things that have so far been absent from historical narratives and from our collective memory on March '68. 'We are not talking about emigrants who left the country out of their own free will, e.g. in search of a well-paid job abroad. We are dealing with refugees who were forced to leave Poland', says Justyna Koszarska-Szulc, co-author of The Estranged exhibition which have just seen the record-breaking 100,000th visitor. Thus, the temporary exposition at POLIN Museum in Warsaw is slowly catching up with the city's most frequently visited exhibitions.

tłumaczenie: Zofia Sochańska (dzięki uprzejmości Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich POLIN)

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